About Us
Founded in 1985, Hajj Art Stone is a Lebanese manufacturing company specialized in Veneer Stone, Terrazzo Stone & GFRC.
Made of natural components, colored by highly qualified technicians and molded by talented craftsmen, Hajj Art Manufactured Stone looks like natural stone and enjoys all its qualities in terms of durability, color permanence, water resistance, fire ratings and shape. It is also maintenance free.
Established in 1985, Hajj Art Stone, brought to Lebanon and the Arab world a new concept in the manufacturing field: the man made stone. This invention has changed the architects, builders and designers perspectives. They finally had within their reach durable and Ecofriendly products made of natural components with unique features: genuine natural stone look, water resistant, easy installation, lower material and labor costs, maintenance free and an innumerable amount of customization options.

Through the years, Hajj Art Stone has grown to be the Leader in Manufactured Stone in the region.

Our experienced and highly qualified team has succeeded during the last two decades to develop our portfolio with unmatched products based on mold making and hand coloring. We were able to provide our valued clients with premium quality stone within a large variety of colors and textures, and one of the largest selections of manufactured stone in the world.

We, at Hajj Art Stone, are always looking to incorporate natural beauty in our products and to diversify our selection in order to meet all kinds of demands.
We are proud to feature 200 different types of stone: Veneer, floor tiles, steps, edges, wall caps, window frames, cornices, columns, stone material, accessories, 3D Stones, Terrazzo Stone and GFRC.

Our Mission
To provide a premium quality man-made stone with unmatched features that meets all needs, tastes and expectations.

Our Vision
To become one of the worldwide leaders in manufactured stone and promote Ecofriendly stone products to help preserve our planet.

Experts in hi-tech precision
At its Kortada factory Hajj Art Stone uses the very latest stone industry technology, with computer controlled mixing machines able to work to precise mixing measurements.
Custom Made Concrete Design
We enjoy the challenge of producing the impossible! Our modern manufacturing methods allow us to create any concrete design items. Hajj Art Stone team actively enjoy the challenge of creating new and exciting items in manufactured stone.
European Racking System
Hajj Art Stone products are stored in an independent warehouse containing a European racking system to ensure proper palette storage.
Our Team
Georges Robert Hajj
Managing Director

Robert Hajj
Managing Partner / Founder